Hi there.

Hello, you.

My name is Amanda, and I’m unemployed. That feels… crappy to say out loud. I’ve been unemployed for almost a year now, and it’s the worst thing ever. I mean, not literally the worst thing, but it sure isn’t fun, and it sure isn’t improving my life at all.

Since there are so many people in my predicament, I thought I’d share my little piece of the story with you, one annoyed post at a time. Trust me, this will help me, and if it doesn’t help you, I might post some pictures of my cats from time to time, and that will be nice.

Hooray for the Internet! But that’s for another day.

Until then, I remain:

Unemployed and Annoyed.



  1. Hey Amanda. Keep your head up. In this economy? I spent around the same amount of time looking for gainful employment beyond ‘entry level’… And after that it led to a three year whirlwind that left me at a pretty good gig. If you ever need information about a gig? Just cast your nets and you will find a place to go :).



  2. Oooh, pictures of CATS??? Really?

    I am also unemployed, but I have a tiny income from alimony, and from a tenant who keeps saying he will move out but he thinks he is getting a different job in another state for $38+ an hour (Also, he is 65, very competent, but not, I think, in touch with reality). I also have some support from my parents, which makes me feel guilty.

    I also have cats.

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