Support System

I am fortunate in my unemployment, which is weird. You don’t really feel fortunate when you’re unemployed, because you see things going on around you that make you jealous. (Again, more on that later.) But a lot of people, myself included, have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to being without a job.

I have a support system. I live with my awesome boyfriend, Mr. Something, and my/our two dumb cats. They’re always there for snuggles and comfort. Then I have a fantastic group of friends who have seen me at my lowest and at my most magnificent. They listen to my ranting and make me feel like I’m not alone in my anxiety. My parents are rad, too, even though I know it makes them sad that I haven’t found something yet. Well, it makes me sad, too. Unfortunately, I don’t have the support or comfort or security of having insurance or health care, so I constantly worry that I’m going to get sick or hurt. I actually would love to go to the dentist (I haven’t had dental insurance for 5 years, so… there’s some stuff going on in there)! On the bright side, I’m generally a physically healthy person.

I’m grateful for what I have. Many people don’t have this type of support when they are unemployed, and these people have my sincere sympathy. I can’t imagine being in this situation without having my support system there for me. Thank you, friends, for listening to me rant about my anxiety and my non-job life. This blog is also part of my system, a part I created for myself. Thanks for reading. <3


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