The Things I Get to Do

Not every single aspect of being unemployed is terrible. Sometimes, it’s actually… fun. And yeah, I feel slightly guilty saying that, but you know what, I’m trying my best and I deserve fun just like everyone else. I have cats, not children, which gives me a little more freedom of movement than a lot of people. I’m thankful that my current responsibilities match up with my current abilities, if that makes any sense.

So how do I have fun and not feel *that* guilty about it? Today I decided I was going to make pasta sauce in the crockpot to go along with the meatballs I was already planning to make. I make awesome meatballs, by the way. To make this pasta sauce, I just needed a few things, so I headed to the store. Sound like fun yet? Well, it was. I blasted my music and rolled the windows down a touch and enjoyed how pretty it was outside. It was nicer than nice. The grocery store wasn’t even packed, so I could wander in peace.

I got home from the store and proceeded to plop things in the crockpot, but I needed some background noise. It gets too quiet in here. Netflix is my best friend in the universe right now–if you don’t have streaming Netflix in your house, you are missing out. I decided to watch one of my favorite movies ever, Ghostbusters. Yeah, I’m an adult and I’m watching Ghostbusters at 2pm while I dance around to the theme song as I squish ground sausage. I love that I can do this. I certainly wish I had a job, or a reliable income, or that I was in school (again), but for now, making meatballs and watching Ghostbusters is okay by me.


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