The Internet is Magical

I am unemployed in the age of the Internet, and for that, I am incredibly thankful. I was already an Internet nerd, but this experience has increased my love for this Web of Worldliness tenfold.

If I’m feeling sad, there’s millions of pictures of adorable kittens and videos of otters holding hands. (I love those otters.) My friends back in my hometown (in a different time zone) are a click away, and in a less formal way than calling them up. I’m not a phone person, anyway. I can learn about pretty much anything, and I’m always tackling random knowledge projects. (Learn everything about the Titanic? Learn all about marsupials? Learn all about Dadaism? Working on it.) I’m a curious person by nature; the Internet is my playground where I can explore and learn and dream.

Yeah, there’s a whole real world outside, but as I’ve mentioned before, the combination of my sad bank account and my anxiety makes it difficult for me to actually explore. And exploring by yourself isn’t nearly as fun as exploring with a friend. I have many friend adventures planned for the future. And this summer, I’m going to take an introductory German class, because Mr. Something speaks fluent German and it’d be neat to actually travel to visit his European friends someday (and understand what in the world they are talking about). Right now, though, Internet adventures are okay by me.


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