I’ve always been a planner. I might like making plans better than I like actually doing stuff. This is weird; I get it.

As a job-free person (doesn’t that sound better than unemployed?), making plans is key. If you don’t have something to look forward to all week, it’s going to be long, slow, boring, and slightly sad. For example, today is Monday. Mondays are hard, because I get left alone again after spending an awesome weekend with Mr. Something. However, I already know that I’m having dinner with an awesome friend on Friday, and then we’re going to a show to dance our blues away. I know I’m hanging out with people on Saturday, too! These small social interactions fuel me, before and after. I look forward to plans, and then I get to reminisce about how awesome my plans were.

I make daily plans, too, like going to the grocery store and doing laundry. Less exciting than dancing with friends, but still pretty okay. (I like food and clean clothes, so it works out.) The key is to have something, however tiny, to get excited about. Maybe the grocery store will have samples! I could find money in Mr. Something’s pants pocket! We have a rule where anything left in pockets goes to the person doing laundry. I’ve made around $1.50 so far. See? Exciting!

I make my own fun.



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