I got a happy letter today, telling me that my unemployment claim has been renewed/extended/whatever. I get two and a half more months of crushing depression with a sprinkling of money! Huzzah. I am actually very happy about this, but it’s sort of hard to be happy about being unemployed in general. (Duh.)

Here’s my new technique: just don’t check the mail for a few days, because then when you check it, you’ll have received the Scary Letter of Doom (telling you that there is no more money in your claim, and by the way, you’re a bad person) AND the Happy Letter of Joy (more money is coming your way, you hobo!). Then, by pure chance, you’ll open the happy letter first, do a little dance, then scoff at the Scary Letter because you already know how the story ends. YOU WILL WIN.

I need a little winning, since a lot of other things feel like they are made of pure failure right now (myself included). Woo!


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