Looking Nice Does Not Tax Fraud Make

I live next to a dollar store. It’s pretty sweet. Sometimes I walk over there and buy myself some cheap nail polish as a treat. Big spender! Then I take some time and do my nails and it makes me feel nice about myself.

Apparently, having my nails look nice and not looking like a hobo, generally, is a bad thing. I keep seeing these eCards (you know the ones I mean) that say things like, “Oh, so you’re unemployed and you have your nails done? Glad my taxes are paying for that.” It’s not like I’m going to a salon and getting a manicure; I’m sitting at my kitchen table with a bargain paper towel soaked in cheap nail polish remover, scrubbing at my dollar store nail polish.

Taking the time to do my nails or do my hair or put on clothes that aren’t sweatpants is not an indicator of misspent money or taxpayer resources. That’s an indicator that I haven’t given up on myself yet. I don’t want to turn into someone who wallows in their own misery and filth; keeping up my appearance is part of that. And if you think that my personal style choices are political, and therefore something you get to have an opinion about, you are wrong (and a jerk).


Eyes on your own work, kids.


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