Month: August 2012

What is one week?

CATEGORY: Units of Time

For $200: The 90s alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies sang that it had been this long since “you looked at me.”

What is one week?


Okay, that was sort of dumb, but shut up, because a week from RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND I am going to be on the soundstage at the Sony studios in the process of filming Jeopardy!. Uhhhhhh. *explodes*


It’s probably obvious, but I’ve been more distracted than usual lately because of this whole… being on national, syndicated television… thing. Hahahahahaha. That’s a little terrifying, isn’t it?


I honestly thought that this Jeopardy! thing was a cruel joke for a week or so. Someone was just pulling my leg, right? They set up an incredibly elaborate, incredibly mean joke just to make me feel like crap, because I would never be smart enough to get on actual Jeopardy!. Right? Um, I need to stop being incredibly mean to myself this very instant. I called Sony yesterday to give them the names of my guests (Mr. Something and my parents–who just happen to live in Southern California), and, lo and behold, it’s all true. Paranoia, be gone!


So next Tuesday, Mr. Something and I will fly to LA for a Television Adventure, and something slightly good will probably come out of it. OPTIMISM! And nerves. But mostly, OPTIMISM.


Everything All At Once

My life is sort of exploding in a fairly pleasant way right now. I’m terrified of things that are happening, but it’s an okay kind of terrified. (Yes, that makes sense.)

OH, but you know the most exciting thing?? Mr. Something asked me to be his official Domestic Partner! That means we had to go to the bank and get paperwork notarized and everything. Notarizing makes things seem more… grown-up.

What does this mean? Well, it means that Mr. Something and I really like each other, to put it mildly. It also means that I am going to be on Mr. Something’s health and dental insurance. HEALTH AND DENTAL INSURANCE. Like… full-blown insurance. Meaning, very soon (as soon as all the paperwork is done), I can call the doctor, make an appointment, keep that appointment, and get actual medical care. This is amazing.

It still hasn’t sunk in yet, like Jeopardy!, but this is going to change my life, my health, and my perspective on things. I’m so grateful to our state for providing these domestic partnerships, and I’m lucky and overjoyed to have a partner like Mr. Something in my life.