What is one week?

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For $200: The 90s alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies sang that it had been this long since “you looked at me.”

What is one week?


Okay, that was sort of dumb, but shut up, because a week from RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND I am going to be on the soundstage at the Sony studios in the process of filming Jeopardy!. Uhhhhhh. *explodes*


It’s probably obvious, but I’ve been more distracted than usual lately because of this whole… being on national, syndicated television… thing. Hahahahahaha. That’s a little terrifying, isn’t it?


I honestly thought that this Jeopardy! thing was a cruel joke for a week or so. Someone was just pulling my leg, right? They set up an incredibly elaborate, incredibly mean joke just to make me feel like crap, because I would never be smart enough to get on actual Jeopardy!. Right? Um, I need to stop being incredibly mean to myself this very instant. I called Sony yesterday to give them the names of my guests (Mr. Something and my parents–who just happen to live in Southern California), and, lo and behold, it’s all true. Paranoia, be gone!


So next Tuesday, Mr. Something and I will fly to LA for a Television Adventure, and something slightly good will probably come out of it. OPTIMISM! And nerves. But mostly, OPTIMISM.


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  1. You bet something good will come of it. At the very least, Mr. Something and your father get to meet each other. And we all get to dine together and share a bottle of the grape (on Wednesday night, post-Jeopardy!). And there’s sure to be lots of laughter. And just perhaps a wee bit of winnings.

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