First Day

Hey everyone…. Yeah, I disappeared for a while. Went to Los Angeles, filmed some Jeopardy!, came back. You know, my usual end-of-August brush with fame.

But now it’s the first day of Mr. Something’s second year of business school. He is so fancy. And first days of school make me think about wanting to be in school really badly. I’m awesome at school. I love taking notes, reading journal articles, highlighting important things, even writing papers isn’t the worst thing in the world. If I could be a permanent student, I’d do it.

So I’ve made a definite decision that will go into effect next year. I’m going to go back to school to be a paralegal. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and since no jobs have come along yet, I need to have a Plan C. (Plan B was graduate school, and that didn’t really amount to anything.) I think I’d be pretty fantastic at paralegaling, or whatever the verb would be, and there are plenty of jobs to be had (one thing America does not have is a shortage of lawyers and litigious citizens). We might be moving in the spring/early summer to A Mystery Location, based on what jobs Mr. Something is offered, so I’ll find a program wherever we’ll be and go from there.

It’s never too late to start doing something good for yourself, you know? I’ve tried to get into a few different fields, none of which really suited me to a T, but this paralegal thing feels good.




  1. Just now reading this is crazy!!! I DID go to school to be a paralegal, worked for less than a year, and moved across the country(like you) and wound up deciding to stay at home and be a homemaker (like you)! I’ll tell ya what, you didn’t miss much in paralegal school. It wasn’t nearly as fun as actual college and I still haven’t paid off my debt yet. :P

    Anyway if you ever want to chat about postmodern homemaking and all the joys of explaining that to friends/family members who “just want you to be happy” (but are still side eyeing your decision) let me know! We can swap notes and homemaking authors! (The research never ends!)

    1. That’s amazing!! We should definitely chat sometime about expectations and post-modern feminist takes on staying at home. (Spoiler: it’s about choice!) I’m glad to see there’s one more badass housewife out there. :)

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