Starting Fresh (and Orange Vinegar Spray)

We’re so so so so close to finding our house. We’ve seen a few that were great, and I think THE ONE is just a few houses away. (Eeeeeeeee.) I’m really excited about having a place that’s ours (so long, upstairs cougher and next-door hammer fiends!). To prepare for taking care of a whole house, something I’ve never done before, I’m making my cleaning routine more intensive. I saw this spray on Pinterest and it’s pretty great for windows, tubs, etc. Plus, if you let the orange peel sit for a day or so, it makes the vinegar smell much more pleasant.

Orange Vinegar Spray

  • empty spray bottle (I used an old Febreze bottle)
  • orange peel (I used four clementines that were on their way out, but you could substitute the peel of a whole orange)
  • white vinegar

Toss the peel in the bottle and fill with white vinegar. Shake shake shake. You can use it right away or leave it for a day to make it smell even better.


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