Slightly Less Wise (and Hot Sock Magic)

I got my wisdom teeth surgically removed yesterday. It wasn’t that bad! The anesthesia hit me like a ton of bricks; I think I was out within 30 seconds of the IV being placed. I remember sort of waking up during it because my nose was itchy, and a very nice nurse kindly moved my arm back down. I also kind of remember feeling someone poking around in my mouth. I woke up, Mr. Something drove me home, and my pain is fairly easily managed with a touch of hydrocodone (yesterday) and ibuprofen (today). I’ve been living on smoothies, mashed potatoes, and miso soup. Never in my life have I so badly wanted to chew.

My face is pretty swollen. I sort of look like Quagmire, which is really unfortunate.

photo (31)


We used to have a rice-filled hot pad that we would heat up and stick under the covers in the winter when it was really cold out. I couldn’t find it today, so I made my own little hot sock to ease my swollen cheeks.

Hot Sock Magic

  • clean sock (I used one whose mate is long lost)
  • uncooked rice

Fill the sock with rice so it’s just up to the heel. Tie a knot in it, leaving some room so the rice can move around. When you need a fairly long-lasting hot compress, stick it in the microwave for around 45 seconds. It’ll be really hot, so watch out!


Surgery Fears (and the Perfect Amount of Chocolate Chip Cookies)

I’m having my wisdom teeth removed this Friday and I’m pretty nervous. I’ve never had¬†anesthesia before, and this will be my first surgery ever. I’m pretty fortunate, I guess, and I know it’s a routine thing, but it’s still scary. I hope, at the very least, that I am hysterically funny while drugged out of my mind.¬†Surgery Fears | Gainfully Something

And when I’m stressed, I bake.

I think that most cookie recipes are formulated to feed large armies of cookie-crazy loons. I don’t want to make SIX DOZEN cookies, cookbook, because then I will eat SIX DOZEN cookies. So here’s a chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes about 18 cookies, which is perfect for giving someone a dozen and then having a few cookies for yourself.

The Perfect Amount of Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 1 stick butter, softened
  • 3/8C white sugar
  • 3/8C brown sugar
  • 1/2t vanilla
  • 1 egg

Cream that together (I used the paddle attachment on my stand mixer).

  • 1 1/8C flour
  • 1/2t baking soda
  • 1/2t salt

Add to the creamed mixture and mix until it forms a dough. Don’t overmix!

  • 1C chocolate chips (or mini peanut butter cups, or butterscotch chips, or chopped up Heath bar)

Add and mix until the chips are combined.

Drop rounded tablespoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375F for 9-11 minutes. Cool on racks (or devour at your own risk).